CRS4 hosts the largest NGS platform in Italy, directly interconnected to its high-performance computing centre. The NGS lab has a long experience in a broad range of applications, including whole-genome, transcriptome sequencing, elucidation of DNA binding sites for chromatin and regulatory proteins, and human exome and targeted resequencing using enrichment strategies.

Whole Exome SequencingExome Sequencing

Whole Genome SequencingWhole Genome Sequencing

RNA SequencingRNA Sequencing

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A consistent part of the sequencing activities has been done in the context of two studies on the genetics of autoimmune diseases and longevity (CNR-IRGB, Cagliari - Italy). The former is based on the sequencing of thousands of individuals from Sardinia, which is one of the main reservoirs of genetic variation in Europe and also one of the regions with the highest incidences of autoimmune diseases worldwide; the latter is one of the largest longitudinal studies of the Sardinian founder population.